Our UK Mainland courier service is  £15 delivery per box – so why not fill up your fridge/freezer with all your favourite Chapmans products from back home! 

All of our orders are packed and boxed with care to ensure your order arrives with you in pristine condition.

To Place Your Order Today Or For More Info

Call – 01698 373236

Below are our prices of our best selling products – if you are looking for something else don’t hesitate to give us a call at our Main Street store on 01698 373236.


SHOULDER STEAK                          £17.99 PER KILO

STEAK MINCE                                   £15.99 PER KILO


(approx £27/£29 per lorne)


BEEF/PORK LINKS                                £13.40 PER KILO

BLACK PUDDING                                 £13.30 PER KILO

(approx £16/ £18 per length)

FRUIT PUDDING                                   £13.30 PER KILO

(approx £16/£18 per length)

DUMPLING                                            £13.30 PER KILO

SLICING HAGGIS                               £13.30 PER KILO

(approx £16/£18 per length)

SWEETCURE BACON                          £17.99 PER KILO


MORNING ROLLS                                   44p EACH

POTATO SCONES                                 58p EACH

SCOTCH PIE                                           £1.99 EACH

SAUSAGE ROLL                                    £1.99 EACH

BRIDIE                                                      £1.99 EACH

INDVIDUAL STEAK PIE                      £3.20 EACH

INDIVIDUAL MINCE PIE                     £3.20 EACH

1LB STEAK PIE                                        £13.38

1 ¼ LB STEAK PIE                                  £17.22

2LB STEAK PIE                                       £26.38

2 1/2LB STEAK PIE                                       £30.80

Special products. Special cuts. Catering. Home delivery. That’s Chapmans.

With 350 meat options, 25 table ready lines and 50 different loaves, pastries and pies no shop can display them all at once. But all of them are available to you – just ask!

We are always happy to help with a special order.
A quick call to 01698 373236 will get it ready to collect from your local shop – or you can arrange delivery.

We offer free local delivery to our housebound and elderly customers, and for large orders, special events and parties. If you think this could be a regular thing for you or for a relative, please call us on 01698 373236 to discuss your needs. To enable a free service, we try to fit these in with our shop deliveries, so please let us know when ordering if you need a certain timing. We can’t always promise – but we always do our best!

Many customers find Freezer Orders very handy. When it is time to fill the freezer, we are happy to cut and wrap into portions just the way you like – different sizes of roasts, chops wrapped in 2s or 4s, different cuts diced or minced – whatever suits your needs. Larger orders receive a 10% discount from the current shop price and there is no extra charge for the service or local delivery. Please let us know a few days in advance.

Wholesale Supply is available to other Retailers and Caterers. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to get a current price list.

If you would like to make an arrangement, please call 01698 373236